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Tuna MUKBANG Could I Have Done More ?


Tuna MUKBANG Could I Have Done More ?


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  • remember, don't give them any of your energy, they want you mad, because being mad, can't make you sick. ignore them. they are demons, trying to get to you,, just wrap yourself in God's love., don't give them anything

  • i am sorry. people are a pain. let me see- u contacted the preacher. u also kept on trying to contact him. and then u told him he could come today and he backed out. u told him u are home evenings. so then he agreed with u to come by on friday. so what more can u do ??its coming. u will get stuff gone. people just want to upset u. i guess they dont have anything better to do.i feel sorry for them cause they have no life. hugs and just hold your head up and go on cause u r a lovely person.

  • Cindy. i peeked to see some of those people who make fun of u. gf…i am so scared to look at those people. i am scared to be on their page. its so scary. one guy is toothless and crazy creepy face and hair and sitting in the dark. girl . i was so scared. i saw a couple more. soo scary gf. its a way to make money off of u. hugs and so sorry.they are so jealous.

  • You are a good, kind hearted person. Don't let these awful people get to you. I actually found you because of that nasty Pam. I will admit I clicked on a video recently of hers and this is what I have realized. She is clearly obsessed with your life and I do believe she is jealous of you in many ways and that is why she is always trying to tear you down. She is a miserable unhappy old woman. Notice you were cleaning and organizing, then all of a sudden she's cleaning and organizing. I feel like her jealousy started when she would see what a happy and loving relationship you and Tommy had. It is scary how obsessed she is with your life though. She's a creepy stalker!

  • Guess what I had for lunch? Tuna Salad sandwich! Every time you eat that I keep thinking I will make some. So today I did and it really tasted so good. I plan to make another batch later today and send some for my husband’s lunch tomorrow and the rest for me for lunch tomorrow! Have a wonderful rest of your day! Oh and I really hope you get to go to Dollar Tree! ❤️😁

  • 🌻🎶🌻🎶🌻🎶 🙋‍♀️ Hi Cynthia, my Mother says don't let these rude uncaring people get to you. Yes we've seen another channel. All that person could speak about is you. Her intial is P she just talks out of her BIG UGLY MOUTH. We quit viewing her RANTS. Keep and stay the way God created you. At least you have a channel of your own ideas. So sad to hear how many people are unhappy in their life?
    Cynthia get your pneumonia shot, it is good for 5 years. I just had one recently also my husband to. So happy to hear the Pastor is picking up your donations.
    Take care stay safe and stay healthy.
    🎚😇God Bless You😇🎚

  • Hi,have fun shopping.I miss shopping at the Dollar Tree to.Get Kleenex tissues and napkins,and foam plates or paper plates to,and Tylenol,or aspirin if you use it.I also look for the cotton make up cloths.To take your make up off with.I like the whirlygigs for the front yard.I still have my 2 one's out front from a few years ago.One is Patriotic,red,white&blue.The other one looks like a bumble bees wings but is faded now in color.Take your time in the store,and just wash your hands well when you get back,and put your bags up for awhile.I wipe off products with a hot wet paper towel then dry them well.Glad your donations will be gone by Friday.Ignore the haters.You did a good thing here hun.Love,Honey kitty and I.♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡……….

  • I ordered baby shower supplies for my daughter 5 years ago, and had to get much more than I needed. Party supplies can be expensive, so it still made sense to order thru them. The stores don't carry much of the same design, so it would've been pointless to buy mismatched. I still have some plates, napkins & plastic ware left, but we can use that for anything.

  • I'm hoping you were able to make it to the dollar tree today. I keep checking for a dollar tree haul video 😀 I ran into one the other day but didn't take the time to look around because it was too crowded.

  • I know Cynthia, those trolls can be so ridiculous at times! But you got to see it this way, "" you're kind of a big thing! A Celebrity!""😁👑👑😘😍😄❤❤❤ and they're jealous of your Fame! So they got a ride on your coat tail to feel a little bit important! Let them pay your bills!💜💙💛❤💚😘👑👑😍😁😉

  • Check out Thrifty Tiffany…she is a YouTuber that I follow that goes to the Dollar tree and she gets all the new stuff. She is awesome. If you haven't already 😉 the Dollar tree is also a great place to get your Reynolds foil. Granted it's not as much per roll but it's still doable. And sandwich bags… Always a good one to get. And they have name brand. We get their mustard it taste great. And I always get my salt and pepper there. Ohhh. … And they have a pretty decent selection on spices.😉Ohh…. And their bleach…. I always buy my bleach from there 😊

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