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EID Mubarak you guys, hope all of you who fasted and did charity and prayed had the world in mind in hopes of a solution for this pandemic.
Today i start my new style of sharing the recipes mainly because the videographer cant come home anymore. Hope you like this way better because there will be a few episodes this way going forward.
In this episode, ill be sharing a whole range of dishes that i made for Eid to be shared with family and friends. We made a typical Sri Lankan Sahen or Sawan as some call it, with a slight addition of my own personal recipe of a chilli garlic prawns and southern Sri lankan style stuffed squid curry. These two dishes are not on a typical Sri lankan Sahen meal but hopefully after this ill see many people adding this into their Seafood Sahen menu.
The ingredients for the stuffed squid curry:
for the stuffing (for 8 to10 medium size squid)
2 potatoes boiled and cut into tiny pieces.
1 bombay onion very finely chopped.
handfull of roasted cashew nuts chopped into tiny bits.
2 pods of garlic chopped.
1/4 TSP of mustard seeds.
1/4 TSP of chilli flakes.
1/2 TSP of ceylon unroasted curry powder.
Few sprigs of finely chopped corriander leaves.
2 TBS of ghee.
salt to taste.

method for stuffing:
mash and mix up the chopped boiled potatoes with the curry powder, chilli flakes, corriander leaves and a dash of salt and leave it aside.
heat up 2 tbs ghee in a frying pan and add onions and garlic.when onions turn pink add the mustard seeds and potatoe mix together and let it fry till golden brown, then add chopped cashew and let it fry till golden.

for the stuffed squid curry- Watch video for method.

Muslims all over the world shares this culture, to eat together sitting down around one big platter of food. The religious background behind this culture is to remind us, that we are all one.. No one above us and no one below us.. all humans are equal to the creator. It also represents togetherness, family and community. To be honest as a kid I didn’t understand why we should share a big platter of food sitting on the floor with people we hardly knew. It was awkward and too intimate for my liking… but as I grew older, not only did I understand the deeper meaning behind this.. but also that there is no difference between how rich or poor a person is, as humans we all enjoy good food and the goodness of food. You will only understand and experience the real concept behind this culture is when you eat at a Sahen/ Sawan with people from all walks of life. It is food and food alone that helps us through any difficult period. Specially during this pandemic, people turned to food more than ever. Food is the ultimate positive vibe and energy that one can share and consume.
Ok enough with the deep talk.. How about my Sri Lankan Muslim food Sahen!?!? Eid Mubarak to all my peeps!!! Praying for better days for the world. ❤️ .


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